A Prickly Haven

I  love gardening.  I’m not necessarily that good at it, but I really do enjoy puttering about in the garden.  One of my aims is to create a garden that entices wildlife in; even though we have two cheeky young Terriers that love to chase the wildlife around!


We live in a beautiful little cottage in a delightful Suffolk village, just a few minutes drive from the coast.  Our cottage garden is gradually becoming the haven for small mammals, insects and birds that we had hoped it would.  This is particularly something I have wanted to encourage, for I have a chronic illness which often makes it difficult, if not impossible, for me to go on the rambling walks I used to love, to see wildlife in the beautiful countryside in which I live. Not being one to be defeated by my disability, my main aim of our cottage garden is to create a haven for all sorts of creatures.

Here is an example of some of the wildlife we’ve seen over the years:

It’s just a small example of creatures including Pheasants, Mice, Rabbits, Woodpeckers and Hedgehogs.  Our little Terriers took a liking to the Hedgehog; who made his home in our garden one recent winter.  They wanted to play with him, but he refused.  A young family member named the Hedgehog ‘Victor’.

I also took a photo of the beautiful Barn Owl that swoops around the field beside our cottage a few times per day.  As you can see, he came to rest on a fence post:


It is such a privilege to see him (or her?  How do we identify the gender?) at such close proximity.  This beautiful Barn Owl likes to taunt our Terriers but I think they are a little too podgy to be picked up and swept away by the Owl.

Do you entice wildlife in to your garden?   Welcome Hedgehogs in by creating a 13cm x 13cm hole in the bottom of a fence.

Update: In June 2017, my long term illness was finally diagnosed as Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.  Creating a wildlife haven has truly been a wonderful joy while I continue to live with the difficulties that long-term illness creates.


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