Projectile Dog

This is Digby:


He looks cute, doesn’t he?  ‘Butter wouldn’t melt…’.

He is one of our two dogs.  Now, I’m not the best cook in the world, but yesterday I took a turn in cooking dinner.  I had just served dinner and was about to go and dine, when Digby decided it would be the perfect moment to projectile vomit!  There I was, ready to eat and our little dog decided it was the right moment to re-enact scenes from The Exorcist!  I was waiting for his head to spin round!

I cleared it up immediately, of course, and as soon as I went to go and dine, he did it again!  I believe he was trying to save us from my attempt at cooking.  He was a mess, and so it became necessary to throw him in a bath.  His brother is called Oscar.  Oscar is far more refined and better behaved.


I said that my Blog would be about my professional life and about my home life.  Well, there you have it;  a pleasant evening with our dogs.  Rest assured that I have been kind enough to spare you of most of the gory details.

As for my meal; I did eventually dine and it was delicious, if a little cold!



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