Blooming Therapy

You’ll find a post on this Blog, entitled ‘Our Garden in 2015’.  That offers a summary of the work we did on our garden last year.  Now, I’m going to make regular posts to chart our progress in 2016; this being the first.

Today is an overcast day, here in Suffolk; the east of England.  I’ve done little to the garden over winter and since and so I thought I would take a few photos of what is flowering at the moment.  On the left, of the two photos below, is a Japanese Shirota; a beautiful tree that is starting to open its stunning clusters of white blossom.  This tree offers green foliage through Summer and this turns the warmest crimson in the Autumn. The photo on the right is of our Prunus; a Cherry tree that offers fruit of the deepest red.  The buds will shortly burst into the prettiest pink blossom.

Below, you will find our two Forsythia.  I always look forward to their vivid golden-yellow display which signals the advent of Spring.  Their green foliage helps form the hedgerows; one of which is still in early development.

The next photo shows another of our hedgerow plants; Ribes Sanguineum King Edward VII.  It’s flowers are beautiful, plentiful and are great for attracting Bees.  Most of our plants have been purchased at nearby Darsham Nurseries, here in the east of Suffolk.  I highly recommend Darsham Nurseries for quality plants, helpful customer service, a very lovely shop and a café that has become renowned for the quality of the stunning food on offer.  Darsham Nurseries is conveniently situated on the A12 at the edge of the village of Darsham.


The next photo, on the left, is a beautiful young Berberis Darwinii.  I planted this last year after growing it in a pot for around three years.  This grows into a large shrub and will form a stunning part of the hedgerow; for the golden flowers it produces are another bright and sure sign that Spring has arrived.  Berberis also are a prickly shrub and this is useful for keeping my dogs away from trying to dig in the hedgerow.  The photo on the right shows, at the top, what we think is a variety of Dicentra (it was already here when we moved in) and the plant below, with the deep purple flowers, is a variety of Hellebore; again, planted before we moved in.  These two are growing in very close proximity to each other but they actually make great ground coverage.

In my role as Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I often encourage people to plant something in their garden; this can fulfil the need to nurture, it can serve as a focal memorial to someone or something important or it can simply help encourage a healthier lifestyle by getting outside into the garden and become physically active.

My next task is to create the  vegetable patch.   If you check out my Blog post ‘Our Garden in 2015’ you will see my initial attempts at this.  I had great results from just a few varieties of veg.  Now, I mean to create something more permanent, practical and attractive.  So, I am using the following book as a guide:

So, watch this space for further updates…


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