Tonight Our Friend May Die

Our friend is the bringer of light
Ageless and timeless of years
But right now she’s caught in a fight
That plays into all our fears.

We hold she and her husband dear
Right now our hearts simply bleed
That we may lose her is our fear
‘Let her stay’ we pray and plead.

Kindred souls from so far away
Adventures and fun we’ve shared
The excitement of each new stay
With love and joy we all cared.

Across the ‘deep south’ of the States
Spontaneous, never planned
In California we played
Plus castles in Shakespeare’s land.

Car journeys and songs in the car
‘This Land is My Land’ so loud
The air-boats and swamp rides so fast
Laughter rang out in the crowd.

You just have to mention her name
Crazy ‘Southern Belle’ we love
If we lose her we’ll feel such pain
Her love wraps us like a glove.

When the time comes to say goodbye
When her light finally dims
We’ll picture her up in the sky
Wishing us well with a Gin.


(C) Dean Parsons. 2016.




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