My Role as Clinical Supervisor

I provide Clinical Supervision services to Counsellors, Psychotherapists, support workers, health professionals and case workers in helping professions.  I practice from treatment rooms in The Natural Health Centre in Woodbridge, Suffolk.


I have been trained by NHS Suffolk as a Clinical Supervisor, as well as in-house training by some of the organisations I have been Service Manager of.  I have also completed BACP endorsed CPD courses in Clinical Supervision.  I have expertise on both one-to-one and group supervision.

I have been Service Manager, Clinical Supervisor and Specialist Services Team Leader within leading UK charities and the NHS.



These services, under my Clinical Supervision and guidance, have always successfully achieved, met and exceeded all audits and inspections by both the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Office for Standards in Education, Childrens Services and Skills (OFSTED).

I have been awarded for my work with the Military at the US Air Force Base in Lakenheath, Suffolk.

Clinical Supervision is the teaching, guiding, mentoring and coaching of Counsellors, Psychotherapists and other people in the helping professions.

As Clinical Supervisor my role is to provide:








My areas of focus, for the Supervisee, are:

 The Counsellor / Psychotherapist / Clinical Practitioner Role

The Therapeutic / Helping Relationship

Personal Development

Professional Development

Case Management

Record Keeping

Reflective Practitioning

Risk Management

Identification of Training Needs


 My style of work aims to deliver a relationship with the Supervisee, comprising of:

 Mutual openness

Help, to enable the supervisee to feel comfortable within supervision

Help, to enable the supervisee to accept constructive criticism

Mutual respect

Mutual acceptance of differing styles and orientations as practitioners


Emotional support to the supervisee

Sharing of clinical responsibilities

Clear lines of accountability

My aim is to deliver, to the Supervisee, the following:


Concern for the supervisee; distinct from that of the client

Understanding of the needs of the client





Clear guidance

Observation and regular feedback


Encouragement to make decisions

Recognition that it is sometimes ‘okay to get it wrong’



Approved Supervisor:

In July 2015, I have qualified for ‘Approved Supervisor’ status with The National Counselling Society.  I have been added to their directory of Approved Supervisors and I am subject to their standards of practice and audit requirements; ensuring ongoing quality assurance and high standards of practice.  I am also an Accredited and Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

AVR Updated Logo 2015

Award for Services and Achievement as Clinical Supervisor:

An award, in recognition for my services as Clinical Supervisor, was made to me by ‘The University of Maryland University College Europe’, in July 2012, for Clinical Supervision services provided to Counselling Intern Students from the US Air Force Base in Lakenheath; Suffolk.

This award was stated as:

“In recognition of your outstanding support of UMUC Europe graduate counselling students as an Internship Supervisor”.

The Associate Dean of the University; Douglas Franklin PhD, offered the award stating, in his letter to me:

“The developmental gains of your Student Counsellors could not have been achieved without your high level of skill and commitment”.

I was very proud to receive the award; for which I was nominated by the Counselling Intern Students, themselves.

Clinical Supervision is a vital component of the role of Counsellor and Psychotherapist.  We work in relative isolation and we must always be sure that our skills are current, that our practice is safe and ethical and that we are supported in what can often be very harrowing work.

I love my work and I feel both privileged and enthused to have the opportunity to coach others in my profession.


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