Summertime and Time for Summer

As you will notice, I have enjoyed a little rest in July.  I decided that it is okay to sometimes just ‘stop’ and I gave myself permission to prioritise other things; including just resting and enjoying the summer weather.  I think there is little better than lazy, hazy English summer days.  This is why I chose to write less for my Blog through July.  I thank you for your patience and I would also like to thank my readers for the messages I have received, asking me to write more and also suggesting subjects that you would like me to cover.  Watch this space, for there will be plenty more articles coming.  It is always lovely to receive messages from my readers and I thank you for your support and interest.

In spite of enjoying a more restful July, life went on.  On the tv we have seen yet more dreadful news of wars and terrorism around the world and here in the UK.  Humans yet again putting so much energy into causing suffering when, instead, we could be using our energy to simply be kind and helpful to each other.  All of this hurt and suffering is unnecessary.  In my life, there has been further sad loss, chronic illness has continued to add pain into my lovely summer days and Politics in the UK and the USA continue to provide for shock, disbelief and concern.  These negatives are all playing out around us, as we go about our lives.  Oh…not to mention that one of our dogs; Oscar, had to undergo surgery on his paw after he almost wrenched out his dew claw.  Here is a photo of Oscar recovering from surgery and looking very sorry for himself:


Update: Since writing this Blog post, I have, as of June 27th 2017, now conclusively been diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.

Something that I see as a positive is the Olympics.  What better example (well, let’s not mention doping scandals!) of the capacity that we Humans have of coming together and celebrating life, culture and the human spirit of endeavour.  Much was said, in the media, about the lower cost of this Olympics while they could, instead, have reported on the powerful message about caring for our environments all around the world.  Brazil, in my opinion, did a fantastic job of sending a strong message to the world about the need to care for our beautiful planet Earth, within it’s Opening Event.  I was particularly touched by the planting of tree seeds, by each athlete, as they entered the Olympic arena.  Anyone that knows me well, knows that I actively support the planting of trees.


Everywhere I have ever lived, each garden has always been left with one or two new trees.  I support Suffolk Wildlife Trust with regular donations and my Partner and I have donated trees to a community woodland project in our small village, here in Suffolk.  To me, there is something spiritual about the connection between Humans and trees.  They are also an important habitat for wildlife and they contribute to the quality of our air and atmosphere.  Inevitably, this is where I ask you to plant a tree; even a dwarf tree, in your gardens.  We have only a small cottage garden, but we have planted four trees so far; with another to be added soon.

I feel very lucky to have enjoyed a good summer, so far.  It has included time with family and friends, visits from more distant loved ones, art exhibitions, cinema, pubs, dining out and enjoying this very beautiful corner of England.

While summer is, thankfully, far from over, it is now time to resume my regular Blog articles and so, once again, thank you for reading, for your comments, messages, feedback and suggestions.




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