Just a Lazy Hazy Day

I am sat upstairs, at my desk, enjoying a glass of red wine and feeling pleased with myself; but for no reason worthy of such a feeling!  The slight force of a chill, autumnal wind is gently buffering our little cottage, here on the Suffolk coast, and it has started to rain heavily.  My Partner is preparing our evening meal; sending delicious aromas through each room.  Our two little dogs; Oscar and Digby,  are sitting patiently in the kitchen.  They watch for any delicious morsel of an ingredient to be dropped into their line of sight.  The clock in the stair-well is ticking with comforting regularity.  This was my Partner’s Grandfather’s clock.  It was apparently and old ‘clocking on’ industrial clock that he was given and he lovingly transformed it from its industrial state, to a beautiful family piece.  I can also just hear the sound of my ipod playing my favourite tracks in the background.


If any of my regular readers are wondering – no…I have not painted the ceiling in our guest room!  Sorry, not an interesting subject in all truth but, nonetheless, this has become something of an anathema to me, for I continue to commit to getting on with this wretched task and then, by nightfall, I find that I have still not got the job done!  Bizarre.  I am meeting some sort of inner resistance that is stopping me from getting on with it.  Yes, I know that I find decorating difficult, due mostly to the pain from my chronic illness, but I also love transforming a room and so this is unlike me.  Still, I am determined to crack this and so I have planned tomorrow as a decorating day.  There.  I can now sit back and believe that by making that statement, I will complete the task.  I know it is simply because it is a ceiling.  I hate painting ceilings.  Once that is done, I will love decorating the rest of the room.  I will just paint in small stages, as I can only do a small amount before the pain kicks in.

I was rather indulgent, today, and spent quite some time trawling through iTunes to download some of my favourite music; current and some not so current.  On the wonderful BBC Radio 4, in the week, I was listening in to one chat show in which the lovely Priscilla Presley was among the guests; Jeremy Paxman was another.


Priscilla spoke of her life with Elvis and about her relationship with his music and his legacy, since.  I grew up in a family of Elvis fans and so I also came to love his music.  Priscilla explained how Elvis had always dreamt of performing his songs with a full orchestra and how, in recent years, she has managed a project involving setting a number of Elvis’s most loved songs to a re-working with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. So, I downloaded a number of those tracks, today and I have to say that I’m utterly blown away by just how incredibly beautiful this new sound is.  I recommend that you check out this latest work; it really is breath-taking.  The album is called ‘If I Can Dream – Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’.

As the afternoon became evening, we went to visit my Partner’s Aunt Ann and Uncle Ted; who live about twenty minutes drive from us.  These are two remarkable (and adorable) people who, while in their early seventies, maintain a youthful outlook on life and Ted, quite staggeringly, continues to undertake in-depth building projects on his home.  As we go through life, it is important to maintain a ‘can do’ attitude and, even when faced with illness, or just age, it is important to continue doing things, rather than choosing not to because we might ache or struggle.  On that note, my next Blog post will report how I have gone on to paint that annoying ceiling; inspired by the ever active Uncle Ted.  He is a shining example to us all.




  1. Nice…I was wondering if that was why you were feeling self-satisfied (the wine, or the painting project done). Painting is one of my most dreaded tasks. We painted our two girls’ rooms this past summer, right at the end of their summer, the very last days possible before the deadline, their school starting…and then we went a good week beyond that finishing. But the decorating should be fun for you. Your entryway there looks similar to ours, we even have some old clocks ourselves! My stepdad was English (John Pearse, if you wiki him) and a collector of many things, including clocks. So we have a couple from their times going to antique stores throughout the south of France. They don’t work, of course. Can’t imagine finding someone to fix them and what that would cost, the whole of it. Best of luck finishing up. Isn’t Friday POETS day in England (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday)?


  2. Hi, Thanks for reading. What an interesting Stepdad you had. I have no doubt that you must have many a story to tell. It was indeed POETS day lol and frankly I have been just inundated with work that I have still yet to finish decorating that room! Spending time in antique stores is a favourite pastime of ours and we have a smashing store in our village, which makes life fun. I’ve not blogged for a while, so I had better crack on and get back into the rhythm of regular posts. Thanks, as ever, for reading and contributing. I will catch up with your Blog over coming days, now that I am taking some rest time (some of which will be used to get this ruddy decorating completed!). Best wishes, Dean.


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