Dark Times

The world has changed.  Away from the focus on Brexit, here in the UK, we have watched our American cousins go through their own version of creating political shockwaves.  I must admit to staying up into the small hours to watch the engrossing but, to my mind, uninspiring and opportunity wasting Presidential Debates.

The good news is that, while the UK and the USA have been embroiled in a very sour political discourse, I have been inundated with work.  The less good news is that, when you take on much of that work while also trying to manage your health and the disability that makes life challenging, there is usually a consequence.  In this case, doing extra work demands that I take extra rest time.  So, Blogging went on hold as did much of the decorating I have been doing at home.  That said, decorating is in progress; the paint has been out, the guest room ceiling completed and hopefully the whole room will be finished by the end of the month.


It Helps to Compensate.

I feel I am gradually mastering the art of living with chronic pain.  I have accepted that putting extra energy into one aspect of my life, requires that I compensate by stepping back from putting energy into another aspect of my life.  This must sound familiar to anyone with a disability or chronic health problem.  It has only recently started to become familiar to me, as my new normal.  I learnt the hard way; not doing so led me to lapse horribly into illness and so now, with my new found fearful respect of the new level of migraine pain I experience, I am being incredibly careful.  It’s just how it is now.

I dislike having to be so careful.  It is so utterly not in my nature to take a fearful approach to life and so allowing this newfound fearful respect of chronic pain into my life has been unsettling, to say the least, though essential.  The pay-off is that I can now at least pick an aspect of my life to focus on and to thrive in; adapting that to meet my needs as I go forward and paying the huge penalty, in horrific pain, when I am not careful.

Something is Affecting the Masses.

I have been reflecting on just how many people have sought my services this Autumn.  I usually see an increase in my client base at this time of year; no doubt triggered by the advent of the darker and colder season.

I am noticing a different trend, this year.  There is a sizeable increase in those seeking my help with anxiety, relationship difficulties and a definite spike in the number of people who are feeling depressive feelings that seem to be triggered by the very bitter nature of the political and economic climate and the influx of ‘fake news’.

Social Media has been playing a part in that.  People are increasingly exposed to vitriol and recrimination that the so called ‘elite’ are engaging in.

I certainly can attest to seeing people posting a constant stream of negative messages online.  I see people almost gleefully brandishing news stories that apparently expose just how corrupt our world may be and it is as if they rub their hands together when the next nasty news story breaks, for them to share on.  There are those who constantly berate people who have opposing views, rather than ever seeking to open any form of sincere debate.   It seems, sadly, that people seek to show their ugly stories and posts rather than seek to enter into an open debate aimed at winning hearts and minds.

The effect, I fear, is that young people and those who just do not think to question what they read, will be influenced into believing the worst of our world rather than seeking to find the best of our humanity.  There will, potentially, be a whole generation whose view of the world is one rooted in fear and vitriol.

How to Respond Healthily to Turmoil.

My view on this is simple.  Kindness.  There is nothing kind about posting such horrid messages.  They do nothing to try to educate or inspire.  They are just closed statements of opinion that one cannot enter into debate with.  Their aim is to instill fear.  I believe that we will make this world a better place simply by being kind.  If all of us take responsibility for ourselves; what we say and do, and ensure that our interaction with others is based in kindness, then even where we seek to expose harsh truths, we will seek to educate, inform and debate by winning hearts and minds, rather than forcing blatant views onto each other with the intention of demeaning those with differing views.

We would all do better if we are also open to hearing a view or opinion that differs from our own, without seeking just to close it down.  Unless we ‘talk’ with kind intention, then really all that happens is that one side bullies the other into submission.  Isn’t that what many are claiming that the so called ‘elite’ are doing to the masses?  We are each others community.  We can do better than this.


Be kind.

Be kind.



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