One Up


Energy stealer

Climate control redundant

Connections burning on fire

The Bear squeezes the cage

Like a punch in the senses

Pebbles that blight each bold new progression

From deep within lurk intent rodents that gnaw

Lightening shocks and fires the signal of impending assault

The mighty system twitches the rhythm of the faceless mask

The Beast in possession of the key to perpetual solitary confinement

Exhausted Soldier does battle against the dastardly fiend with shape shifting capabilities

The pins and the needles of war trigger the potential for mass defeat

If the great volcano erupts then hope must yet survive the engulfing savage fallout

Leaves and chemicals may weaken the enemy but inner belief finds the door to peace.


D.Parsons   February 2017

Update: Since writing this Blog post, my former diagnosis of Fibromyalgia has been changed.  I have, as of June 27th 2017, now conclusively been diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.