Skype Counselling

Therapy, wherever you choose to be…

I offer Counselling, Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision via Skype.


Why Use Skype?

Perhaps you live abroad, or you are some distance from my treatment rooms, but you want to have your counselling, psychotherapy or clinical supervision sessions with a UK trained, UK accredited Counsellor or Psychotherapist? Don’t worry about differences in world time zones; I am happy to offer you an appointment at a time that will be convenient to us both anytime; 24/7.


Maybe you have a disability or mobility difficulties that make getting out to appointments hard to achieve?


Do you have a busy life and find it difficult to fit in any time for looking after yourself or investing in your own well-being?

Are you trying to keep your financial outgoings to a minimum and so you would prefer not to have to pay travel costs; such as fuel, fares and parking fees?  Well, you can now attend your session simply by using Skype on your computer.

Paying for sessions is easy.  You may pay via Paypal or, without needing a Paypal account of your own, you may pay via Paypal using a Debit or Credit card.  The good news is that my fees for Skype Counselling are cheaper than if you see me in-person; for I can keep my costs lower.

I have already served clients in:

The Netherlands

United States of America



New Zealand




 as well as across the United Kingdom.


In the first instance, please message me via the ‘Contact Form’ page of my web site to book your Skype session.


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