It’s a New Dawn

It is always lovely when people ask me about my work.  I am often asked about where I work, about the sort of work that I do and about my profession.  I thought it might be nice to share with my readers, something of what is a typical day for me, before I even get to work.   In this Blog post, I will give a glimpse of my time before I start work in the treatment room on a Tuesday.

I run my surgeries over different hours on different days of the week.  People can either see me in-person at the clinic I practice from in the beautiful market town of Woodbridge, here in the English county of Suffolk, or my clients can see me via Skype, from anywhere in the world.

Birds Flying High, You Know How I Feel…

I awoke to the sound of my alarm on my iPhone; Nina Simone singing ‘Feeling Good’.  Nina’s beautiful tones and the uplifting lyrics makes for an optimistic and uplifting way to greet a new day.  I set a different song for each morning but always make the choice of something that will make me smile and feel hopeful about the new day.

Getting up, when you suffer with chronic illness, is never easy.  Pain is the immediate sensation that reminds me that I have to approach my new day with care, with careful planning and with a gently paced approach.  My ‘other half’ has usually left for work by this point, so I head downstairs and freshen up and feed our two beautiful dogs who, by this time, are harassing me for their breakfast.  Coffee is an essential component of my breakfast, along with the various medications that ease my painful symptoms and enable me to function.


Once I am dressed and ready for work, I set about checking my diary (again, after having already checked it the night before – I must think that ‘Elves’ creep in overnight and add things to my diary to surprise me!).  I then check my phone and my e-mails for messages and spend time answering them.  This is usually my second and final coffee of the day, that contains caffeine.  Any further coffee will be de-caffeinated.  It is appropriate for me to say ‘Bah Humbug’ at this point, for Fibromyalgia has required me to ration my caffeine levels; much to my chagrin.

Sun in the Sky, You Know How I Feel…

I then spend quite some time writing my clinical notes, planning for my client sessions and doing any reading or research to support that.  This is a really enjoyable time of my day in which I feel an almost self-indulgent joy for my profession that comes from my in-depth reflection and preparation regimes.  This is my thinking and reflection time of day and often the time in which ‘Eureka’ moments happen as I consider particular interventions that will support my clients in forthcoming sessions.


When I have finished this, I spend 15-20 minutes doing the variety of physiotherapy exercises I have to do.  Once that is done, I spend about 10 minutes meditating; often using some of the Mindfulness techniques that I teach my clients.

Breeze Driftin’ on by, You Know How I Feel…

I’m not sure if it’s my own hunger pangs that arise, or whether one of my dogs starts nudging me for a lunchtime treat, but once I’ve finished my morning reading and writing, I head downstairs for a bite to eat and to sit, weather permitting, in our lovely little cottage garden.


On this summer Tuesday, I enjoyed a simple ploughman’s lunch with a relaxing chamomile tea.  We often buy Cornbread, which I recommend, and we usually have a block of good English Cheddar and some French Brie and Camembert as a staple snack, for ease.  These, with some delicious watercress or rocket leaves, splashed with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.  In the background, I have my ipod playing a little Nina, some Billie and some Ella and I am relaxed and very happy in my beautiful Suffolk village.

It’s a New Dawn , It’s a New Day, It’s a New Life for Me…

No matter how much time I allow myself, I usually find myself in a last minute dash to leave for work.  It’s funny how that happens!  My family remind me that I was born late and that I will probably be late for my own funeral! Nonetheless, after packing my work bag, gathering my keys, phone, money and walking stick, I head to work and arrive in good time.  I’m always happy to arrive in beautiful Woodbridge and I enjoy watching the obvious holidaymakers delighting in their experience of this pretty Suffolk town.  When I arrive at work, at The Natural Health Centre, I am always greeted by smiles, friendly chat and the sight of flowers.

Then, work begins; Counselling, Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision.

And I’m Feelin’ Good…






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