Inside Outside / Outside Inside

‘Inside Outside. Outside Inside’.

I created this artwork to symbolise a number of things.  First, I painted a simple landscape; representing ‘outside’.  I cut it into strips; representing my pain ‘inside’, something I now understand as being caused by my Parkinson’s Disease, and how that has in many ways cut me into strips.

I placed the landscape ‘inside’ the centre of the piece and then set about the outside markings; themselves representative of inner aspects of myself.  For example, the zodiac signs of myself, my parents and my spouse; representing who I am made of and my love within as well as personality and character.  The blue lines representing nerves that are affected by my disease and the constant twitching that I experience.  The red dots representing my blood; my physical being.  The dots are set in groups of prime numbers; representing mathematics, science and knowledge.  Knowledge and consciousness being integral to the human experience.


This type of art project was just a private moment in which I contemplated aspects of being me and how I am a part of the world. It gave me an opportunity to consider my illness and the whole process was incredibly therapeutic.

If you have a chronic health illness or disease, I would recommend you think of ways to describe yourself in the form of an art piece; reflective thinking is restorative.

(C) Dean Parsons.


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