What was that? I asked myself
I asked when he had gone
A life so big and mighty
Wow!  Astonishing things he’d done

From by The River, whence he came
And The Green at which he grew
Playing tuba with the Saintly bands
Big dreams ran through and through

He discovered a new Brotherhood
Of shadows and blood war
It was there that he found himself
Strong but yet impure

His first union did not last the course
Yet two flowers he had made
With twisted pain and diseased bones
No more, was his first Maid

With pugnacious force, he fought to win
He did, with all his might
After making it to Number 8
Then called on him, bright lights

When not in shadows, he would be
Found in a fantasy land
On silver screen and through the lens
A renowned invisible man

He met Mater in Society
Within the shadow land
Their union tore lives apart
And sowed the seeds of Damned

Two kindred souls alight like stars
A wonder for all to see
The passion and the power
Oh…and those two then made me

A life of glamour and adventure
Was all his to command
A life lived bold and bravely wild
Forsaken of reprimand

But when came time for him to end
Deep sorrow he did meet
Despite life’s highs and blood rich ties
Through conscience, he welcomed defeat


(C) Dean Parsons. 2017.






2 thoughts on “Pater

    1. Dean Blogging

      Thanks Lesley. I sat at my computer, unable to get to sleep, and just suddenly found myself starting a poem about my Dad. It just flowed. Thanks for reading and commenting x PS, your poetry is still amazing x


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