The following poem is in the Haiku form of poetry:


Gentle Ripples Splash
I gaze across the water
The Heron watches.


(C) Dean Parsons. 2017.



4 comments on “Contact”
  1. Diane says:

    Is that your first go at Haiku? You have a talent for it! Very serene

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    1. Dean Parsons says:

      Hi Diane, Yes it’s my first attempt using the ancient 5:7:5 formula for syllables. I thought I could use my many photos taken of landscapes and nature to inspire Haiku Blog posts. Thanks for reading and for commenting x


  2. Diane says:

    I just had a go…😂 my first Haiku just for you…
    The sun rises, warm, bright
    Earth glows orange, grass glistens jewel droplets
    Wonderous perfection celebrating life’s gifts

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    1. Dean Parsons says:

      Oh I am thrilled you had a go, Diane. I love it. You have a gift for visual imagery in your words. Thanks so much for sharing that. I wonder….perhaps you may be tempted to set up a Blog, too? Thanks for your interest in my Blog, which is much appreciated x


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