Dear Conservative Govt.

Today, I need to share something about how appalled I am at our Government.  I was shocked, recently, by a decision affecting my mother’s care.  Our lovely Conservative Government and Conservative Local Authority, continues to make the rich in our society richer, while cutting back vital support for the poor and disabled.  Our Prime Minister must have a wooden heart, for Theresa May’s policies are hurting the most vulnerable in society.

My mother worked hard her whole life but never earnt enough to save anything significant for later life.  She ‘just got by’.  She lives in Sheltered Accommodation, due to being disabled.

My mother has a Warden service where she lives, here in Suffolk; funded by Local Government. The Warden knocks on her door each morning to make sure she is alive and well and to check she has not fallen. They also make a check on my her home and make sure her emergency alarms are all set correctly, each day, for sometimes she, and neighbours, can knock an alarm setting or lose their emergency red buttons for calling for help. My mother has a condition called Frontal Lobe Neuropathy.

My mother has just been advised that her Warden service has been cut. Ended. From next week, no Warden. She lives in a housing scheme for disabled older people who are vulnerable due to disability. Many of them housebound, like my mother, unless taken out in a wheelchair by friends and family.  For many, contact with their Warden is the only social interaction they have.  Without this, they will be isolated and alone.

The Warden who has lost his job told my mother, tearfully, that she and fellow disabled residents of this community of bungalows, built for the disabled, will now have to rely on family, friends or to source volunteers to check in on them each day to make sure they have not fallen or become incapacitated in some way.

So, I will now have to resume providing daily care for my mother, myself, whereas I usually visit her on Saturdays and Wednesdays. I have no problem about wanting to support my lovely mum but….I have Parkinson’s Disease, I live 9 miles from her and struggle to keep my own daily life going.  I am ‘just getting by’.


Thank you dear Prime Minister, Theresa May and your Conservative Government; central and local. You are a disgrace.  Your financial cutbacks have effectively removed the components of what made my mother’s housing ‘Sheltered Housing’.  Is this even legal?

I think I now have to seriously explore giving up work and taking on Carer status for my mother. As an increasingly disabled person myself, I cannot do both. Ironically, me giving up work will end up costing the Government more money than providing a Warden! Such short sightedness, as ever.

(C) Dean Parsons.  March 2018.



2 comments on “Dear Conservative Govt.”
  1. Often so true, in our country (Canada) as well.

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    1. Dean Parsons says:

      Sorry to learn that the same is true in Canada, Casey. It seems society is becoming increasingly accepting of letting people fall through the net, so to speak.


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