Hedge Sanctuary

I believe that connecting with nature and the environment is fundamentally important to human well-being.   When we moved into our cottage, we planted a hedgerow along the fence perimeter of our little cottage garden. The hedge plants are all native and so suit the wildlife.  Nine years on and the hedgerow is full of insects, small mammals, lizards, amphibians and birds.  

We need to plant more for wildlife.  We need more trees in the world, too.  While societies and corporations destroy the natural world, our own gardens need to be a safe haven for wildlife.  The benefits are many. 

Here’s a video I made on Tuesday 10th September 2018, filming a little Wren enjoying a bath at our garden patio.  The Wrens live in the hedgerow, in abundance.  


Please plant hedges, trees and flowers for bees.  Then, enjoy watching nature, as I enjoyed watching this little Wren from our kitchen window.  It is beautiful.  It is uplifting.  It brings joy.

Our hedge is formed largely of: hornbeam, hazel, wild rose, hawthorn and blackthorn.

(C) Dean Parsons. 2018.


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