Rich Summer Dip

We love nothing better than to have good friends round for an evening of food, wine, chat and laughter.  One of our friends gave us a wonderful and very simple recipe for an incredibly tasty dip!

It takes merely a few minutes to make and I guarantee that you’ll find it full of fresh summery flavour.

Simply pop the following into a blender:

Approximately 7 large garlic cloves, about two medium tubs of sunblush tomatoes, about 200grams of pine nuts, a couple of handfuls of fresh 🌿 basil leaves and a generous pinch of sea salt.

Blend, but keep stopping to add olive oil to reach a thick but moist consistency that resembles a paté.  Be careful that you don’t add too much, for it will become runny, which will stop it from setting into the paté consistency you need.

Once you are happy that it is moist, but thick enough to form a paté, add a small bunch of fresh basil leaves for decoration and pop it into the fridge for fifteen minutes, or until needed.


Serve with toasted sourdough bread without butter. Any favourite, fresh crusty bread will do, of course, but toasted sourdough is particularly good.

Pour yourself something lovely to drink and enjoy, with your friends.

If you try this recipe, let me know how you get on.  You can change the quantities of ingredients, according to your own taste preferences, so enjoy experimenting once you’ve tried this recipe.

(c) Dean Parsons. 2018.


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