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The Precious Leafy Pathway

The winding pathway reveals the passage of time with aplomb Portraying nature’s cycles on its paved and pitted surface Each season’s portrait depicted in perfect detail None so priceless as the pathway in pure gold leaf. Autumn rainfall pours into potholes of impure puddles The plip, the plop, the splatter and the pattering of rain…

Life’s Leafy Pathway

A pathway of autumnal glow When Nature bows her head for rest. While trees prepare for season’s flow Like rust upon what summer blessed. The morning dew drops hang like gems As chill winds cause crisp leaves to fall. Such a welcome the pathway lends To all the people one and all. Who can resist…

Christmas Tree

The following poem is in the Haiku form of poetry: Christmas Tree. Pretty lights twinkle Among branches filled with love As we gather round.   (C). Dean Parsons. 2017.